Results Viewer


Results Viewer is a Windows application designed to analyze result data from modeling runs.  It has the capability of plotting charts for all components found in a WRMM or WRMDSS model.  Various charts are available for viewing such as:

  • Historical Chart – plotting simulation and demand on yearly basis
  • Volume Chart – plotting annual volumes for channels
  • Deficit Chart – calculating deficits in consumptive use components, including deficit by license option

Other useful features are available such as display of relevant schematic in pdf format, displaying point labels, metric/imperial units display and exporting component data.  A user can also compare results between two scenario runs using the additional database connections option.

System Requirements

  • Results Viewer will install on Windows platforms from Windows XP and up.
  • Screen resolution should be a minimum 1024×768 for optimal viewing of charts.
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Application Updates

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