Water Resources Consulting

Unitech Solutions Inc. is an Alberta based company specializing in water allocation modeling and custom software development for water resources management and analysis.

Water Allocation Modeling

With today’s ever changing world, the need for water management plans for rivers basins has never been more important.  We provide water allocation modeling services to aid in the development of water management plans as well as analyzing performance and effects of water license transfers.

Water resources projects we have been involved in:

  • South Saskatchewan River Basin Water Management Plan
  • Highwood River Water Management Plan
  • Montana-Alberta St. Mary and Milk Rivers Water Management Initiative
  • Special Areas Water Supply Project
  • Oldman River Operations Model

Custom Software Development

The field of water resources management has no “off the shelf” software available, hence the need to develop custom applications to assist in water management planning and analysis. Over the past 20 years we have helped develop the Water Resources Management Model (WRMM), the primary application used for modeling, to be one of the fore front water modeling applications today. It is the application of choice by the Alberta Government and other government bodies and water advisory groups.

We also develop analysis tools, such as the Results Viewer for WRMM scenarios. These tools allow users to analyze results data via charts and tables.