Water Resources Management Decision Support System (WRMDSS)

The WRMDSS was developed as a need for an improved water allocation model.  The application has been developed with the capabilities of the WRMM and the ability to do so much more.

Application Features

One of the key enhancements of WRMDSS is its utilization of the LINDO linear programing solver vs an iterative scheme found in the OKA for optimizing flows.  It also has the capability of channel routing with the option of SSARR or Muskingham techniques.  The addition of the routing feature allows the model to be used as a planning or operational model.  In fact an operational model for the Oldman River has already been developed.  The current release of the application has no limits with regards to number of components in terms of the program logic, it’s limitation would come down to the hardware the application is installed on.

As with the WRMM, WRMDSS supports the following components:

  • Inflows
  • Natural Channels
  • Diversion Channels
  • Reservoirs
  • Hydropower
  • Irrigation
  • Major and Minor Consumption
  • Apportionment

Application Source

WRMDSS began it’s life as a C++ console application, it has since been ported to Microsoft’s C# language.  There has been extensive re-factoring of the original code to coincide with Object Oriented standards for code maintenance and ease of adding new features.  Some other significant code features are a multitude of output options including integration of MS SQL databases for input/output data, a new API to the LINDO solver with built-in smart infeasibilty logic, a GUI and plug-in architecture for developing current and future add-ons.


WRMDSS is owned by Alberta Environment.  It currently is in Beta version and is only available to parties with the permission of Alberta Environment.

System Requirements

  • WRMDSS is .Net application and will install on Windows platforms from Windows XP and up.
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework if running Windows XP.
  • SQL Server Express if running DB version.
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Application Updates

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