Water Resources Management Model (WRMM)


The Water Resources Management Model (WRMM) is a computer program that simulates river flows and water uses. The application’s primary use is for water management planning and is mostly known for its use by Alberta Environment who have utilized its capabilities to determine some of the water management plans that exist today in Southern Alberta.

Application Features

The WRMM is a steady state water allocation model.  It typically utilizes a weekly time step, but can be setup to run monthly.   One of its key features is it’s penalty point system which can simulate the legality/priorities of demands in a particular river basin. The model is driven by natural flows and can include components such as:

  • Inflows
  • Natural Channels
  • Diversion Channels
  • Reservoirs
  • Hydropower
  • Irrigation
  • Major and Minor Consumption
  • Apportionment

Application Source

The latest version of the model is in the C++ language and utilizes the original Out of Kilter Algorithm (OKA) to determine optimal results.  Over the years the source code has been refactored and improved for maintenance and additional features added such as outputting results to a database.  Although results are printed out in the outsim.txt  and outid.txt files, the best way to view results is through our Results Viewer application.


Alberta Environment is the owner of the model.  Anyone wishing to use the application can acquire it with permission from Alberta Environment.

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Application Updates

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